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"The Red Square"


Superkilen is a public park at Ydre Nørrebro in Copenhagen curated by the curator-group Superflex. The Red Square offers modern city life inspired by the residents of the surrounding area who relate to more than fifty different nationalities.

Woman with 24 problems



John Kørner is known for working with "problems" in both paintings and sculptural form. In his works, the "problem" is an area that represents something troublesome which he can attach to different values. The round egg-shaped figures are recurring in his works, representing the actual problems. In 2004  he started the huge wallpainting Woman with 24 problems in the heart of Amager (Copenhagen South). 

I Am Queen Mary



This sculpture is the first Danish memorial to Denmark's colonial history. Queen Mary helped lead the rebellion with the Danish plantation owners during, among others, the workers' rebellion Fireburn in 1878 on St. Croix - this was one of the islands that until 1917 constituted the colony of the Danish West Indies.



In 1971 a group of squatters took over an abandoned military base in Copenhagen.  Today Christiania is a bright mix of homes, cafes, art galleries and workshops, many covered with colorful murals or accented by sculptures. 

Nørrebrogade no. 210, 2200 Copenhagen
Nørrebrogade no. 210, 2200 Copenhagen
• Superkilen "The Black Square" at Nørrebro • Nørrebrogade no. 210, 2200 Copenhagen •
• Art playground at Ordrupgaard • Vilvordevej no. 110, 2920 Charlottenlund (Greater Copenhagen area •
• The Circle Bridge at Christianshaven • Cirkelbroen, 1402 Copenhagen K •
• The Palace Theater (Cinema) • Axeltorv no. 9, 1609 Copenhagen •





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